It’s (quite literally) a million-dollar question: What do customers today really want from their digital customer experience? Any company that can answer – and implement – this effectively is well on its way to securing a stable and profitable future.

Luckily, we aren’t completely in the dark when it comes to what modern customers want. In fact, the answer is pretty simple, as Toma Kulbyté points out in her illuminating article: “The reality is that customers want the same things that you do: That is, they want their questions answered and their problems solved quickly.”

75% of customers say that the most important aspect of the customer experience is fast response times.

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Instant gratification has become a non-negotiable part of today’s customer experience. Your customers are used to getting the information they need, the moment they need it. That’s why same-day delivery services are so popular; because they play into consumers’ need to get exactly what they want, right now

73% of customers prefer to refer to a brand’s website for support issues.

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Don’t take it personally, but most of your customers don’t actually want to talk to you person-to-person. It’s true: research shows that up to 40% of consumers prefer to self-serve online over getting in touch with an actual human being. What’s more, the vast majority of those customers prefer finding their answers on your website rather than via IVR (interactive voice response), social media channels, SMS, or live chat services.

Self-service customer support allows your customers to easily find the information they need without interacting with a company representative.

Delivering a top-notch digital customer experience requires setting your website up to provide your customers with easy, intuitive, and comprehensive self-service. There are two very effective ways to achieve this:

Provide intuitive, easy-to-find, customer-centric content on your website. 

As always, the key to getting this right is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and working out which questions they are most likely to need answered. Think about how your customer would phrase these questions (remember, they don’t have the same level of product knowledge as you do and might not use the same terminology as you do). Make sure that the information is easy to find on your website and ensure that your FAQ section is likewise searchable and easy to navigate.

Take your customers’ self-service capabilities to the next level with a dedicated eCommerce services marketplace.

With Morphed’s white-labeled eCommerce marketplace technology, your prospects and customers can self-serve by browsing service bundles. Each ready-to-go services package contains all the information a customer needs: deliverables, Ts&Cs, timelines, payment terms, and even a short video detailing the work. Customers have the ability to view, comment on, and accept online proposals or service packages, track project progress, make payments, and rate and review work delivered. 

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