For Services Marketplaces

Sell both your own offerings and third party services

Connect customers

Remove friction from the customers’ buyer experience by reducing time in finding the perfect solution.

Promote self-service

With a white-labeled eCommerce marketplace, give your customer all the information they need to make an informed decision. When you’re generating more conversations and leads than your distributed sales team can handle, this is where you need to empower customers to self-serve.

A marketplace to sell third-party services

If you’re a reseller, create a place where you can collectively sell third-party tools and services

Scale your services arm

While the majority of your focus may be on selling technology, the rest might be on in-house service delivery. With a limited budget allocated to this function, don’t let it fall by the wayside. Creating a services marketplace enables you to quickly scale your services arm when there’s demand.

How it Works

Marketplace ecosystems grow revenue. We’re here to help you build it.

01Launch a Directory

Easily connect your customers with accredited partners and their solutions through your ecosystem.

02Frictionless Engagements

Both your partners and customers will have their own customer portal that will be used from first-touch, requesting a service or sending a RFP through to the payment & delivery of the service.

03Services Fufilment

Bridge the gap between the buying and selling of services. Enable your customers to self-serve while your ecosystem can be helpful and grow revenue.

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