Product Overview

Winning partner mindshare today requires focusing on three key areas


Customers want end-to-end solutions that solve problems holistically.


 Offer solutions via your commerce-enabled partner marketplace.


A smart marketplace that promotes partner-assistance.

Customers & partners get to engage through their individual portals.


Align with your partners on how to meet customer expectations.


  Put the right solutions in front of your customers allowing them to self-serve.

Admin Portal

This central management center will be used to manage all data relating to your partners and end customers.

Template Management

As a Super Admin, you'll be able to manage the content for your directory template. The default template enables you to customize filters and copy.

Role Based Access

You can manage user roles and permissions so that you can decide who gets to do what. Customer roles and permissions can also be setup based on your own business processes.

Manage Marketplace Data

This is where you'll get to manage all marketplace interactions between your end customers and partners. You'll also get to set up custom service package and partner profile properties.

Turn briefs into quotes

Build out your own partner profile and solution templates buy using our custom property tool. You get to add form sections and assign custom properties to each section.

Template Builder

The ability to self create and deploy your own marketplace template - coming soon.


Based on your reporting needs, create a dashboard on information that's important to both you and your partners.

Partner Portal

For partners, they will be able to manage their profiles, set up solutions and engage with customers.

Solution Packages

This is the starting point for partners to be able to create and sell their solutions on your directory. With a guided form, partners are walked through the steps to complete their solutions.

Digital RFP's

Partners can use the solution builder to craft bespoke solutions for customers. These proposals are commerce-enabled, and include the conversation and payment mechanisms.

Manage projects

For every proposal sent or solution requested, a project is created where partners get to modify details, engage with customers through the chat feature and trigger off payment collections.


Out-of-the-box integrations is available for your partners. Should you wish to provide your own set of integrations into your own technology/ other third-party tools, we have the infrastructure to do so.

Profile Management

Partners get to keep their profile fresh in real-time with an easy-to-manage partner profile form.

Milestone Payments

Partners get to set payment milestones for every solution or proposal based on how they'll deliver their work.

Customer Portal

This is where your end-customers can manage projects and engage with your partners.

Project Engagement

Customers get to collaborate in real-time with your partners on active proposals or projects.

Customer Dashboard

The central dashboard is where your customer can keep an eye on important reports, send partners briefs and browse solutions.

Ecosystem Partner Collaboration

The ability for partners and end-buyers to create solutions from multiple partners and this allowing each one to collaborate.

Ratings & Reviews

Once a solution has been delivered, customers get to leave your partners a rating and review. You decided if you'd like to publish these or keep them private.

Online Payments

We use Stripe, the payment infrastructure for online payments. Customers get to make online payments at every project milestone.

Marketplace Template

This is where end-customers can browse a list of partners, view their profiles, buy services and/or integrate solutions.


Partner Profiles

These partner profiles details information about your partner and what they have to offer: services, apps, integrations.


Solutions showcased via your marketplace can either be service or product related.

CTA's & Conversion

3 tools that will help your partners to simplify the selling process: digital RFPs, solution checkout and a web-to-lead form.


Differentiate profiles or solutions by adding a badge/ icon.

Recommendations Engine

Choose a set of criteria such as campaign type, partner tier, accreditation or discount availability, and create a list of recommended partners or solutions.


Choose the filters of your preference: dynamic filters, no code set up and a remembering engine.

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