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Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on Morphed. Also feel free to check out our Security Standards and the “Got Questions” section on each Solution page.

 If you still can’t find the answers you are looking for, email us at support@morphed.io


Security Questions

At rest, we use Public Key Encryption, on transit, we provide HTTPS endpoints through TLS for communication. We also use JWT for client API communication.

Yes. We are  POPI & GDPR Compliant. You can find more about it in our Privacy Policy.and Terms of Service.

We can integrate SSO on request, on condition that the client can support SSO authentication on their end.

Based on client requests, we make endpoints available for them.

Admin Portal

Based on user roles & permissions, this central management center will be used to manage all data relating to your partners and end customers.

In this portal, you will be able to:

  • Customize property values relating to your partner profiles.
  • Monitor briefs submitted by end-customers & proposals sent by partners.
  • View services & templates sold by partners.
  • Monitor search queries on your directory.

If you have existing partner and solution data living in a different tool or excel sheet, we’ll migrate this data over into the marketplace. This makes it easier to invite your partners to manage their accounts with existing content that they can update themselves.

You can manage user roles and permissions so that you can decide who gets to do what.

Custom roles ands permissions can also be setup based on your own business processes.

 Yes you can. Build out your own partner profile and solution templates buy using our custom property tool.

You get to add form sections and assign custom properties to each section.

When building your custom properties, choose from a selection of property types and add to your set of filters that will be displayed on the marketplace.

Partner Portal

For partners, they will be able to manage their profiles, set up packages, create custom proposals, respond to briefs, communicate with stakeholders on projects and more.

The partner profiles include detailed information about your partner and what they have to offer: services, apps and/or integrations.

Properties for this template can be setup as custom attributes and managed by SuperAdmin.

This is the starting point for partners to be able to sell their ready-to-go packages on your directory. With a guided form, partners are walked through the steps to complete their service packages.

This template is fully customizable.

See the tool in action, here.

Partners can use the service package form builder to craft bespoke solutions for customers. These proposals are commerce-enabled, and work the same as service packages with the full conversation and payment mechanisms.

Check out the tool in action here.

For every proposal sent or service package requested, a project is created where partners get to modify details, engage with customers through the chat feature and trigger off payment collections.

Customer Portal

This repeorting dashboard will  allow your customer to track their activities. It can be customized to your requirements.

Customers get to collaborate in real-time with your partners on active proposals or projects via our deal  room. Here, customers can start conversations immediately with partners. Check this tool in action.

Marketplace Template

This is where end-customers can browse a list of partners, view their profiles and buy services, apps or integrations. It is completely customizable to your brand’s look and feel.

With Super Admin access you’ll be able to review profile updates, approve profile edits, view engagements such as project requests and web-to-lead submissions. Additionally you’ll be able to set up and manage profile properties, filters and your marketplace template.

Yes. As a Super Admin, you’ll be able to manage the content for your directory template. The default template enables you to customize filters and copy.

The layout of the directory is fully customizable to your brand CI.

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