According to Finances online, SaaS is expected to reach $623 billion by the year 2023 at a compound annual growth rate of 18%. Mind-blowing. So with staggering figures like this, SaaS companies are most definitely on the lookout for innovative ways to create their moat and fend off competitors. How do they do this? By realizing that their partners are their strongest allies. 

If partners are the key to success, you’re going to need the right set of tools to run a smooth partner program. In this blog, we will explore the importance of innovation when it comes to your partner programs, and answer a question we get a lot, “What’s the difference between Morphed and PRM Platform.”

The difference

Partner management vs solving for your customers through your partners

At Morphed our white-labeled eCommerce marketplace technology is focused on helping SaaS companies provide bi-directional value to both their end-customers and partners.  Nowadays, customers need products and services around your ecosystem, and you want to be in the position to easily put these solutions “in front of them”, and that’s where building a tailored B2B marketplace for your customers and partners to engage comes in, and this is where we can help.

A PRM platform focuses on providing SaaS companies with tools to build and grow their partner programs. Many provide portals for partners to access partner documents, co-marketing campaign material, manage MRR/ referral commission.

One of our favorite PRM systems has to be PartnerStack. Ranked in the top 10 PRM systems by G2. There’s no mystery as to why customers love them. They’re helping SaaS companies scale their partner programs with features such as automated partner payouts, onboarding, keeping partner marketing collateral organized in one place, and so much more. 

Why we’re a complementary product

So you see, while a PRM is used to provide a private portal for each partner, where they can access documents, campaign materials, market development funds (MDF), opportunities, and deals. Morphed provides SaaS companies with the tools to help their partners sell apps, integrations and services straight from the partner directory and engage with customers through the sale of these services by using tools to keep conversations centralized, manage online payments and gather ratings & reviews after each service is delivered. 

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