We’ve written before about how your partner ecosystem could just be the proverbial Ace up your sleeve you’ve been looking for.

Obviously, successful resellers help grow your customer base. But that’s not all: a thriving network of partners and resellers can also help free up your time to focus on product development, give you an edge over your competitors by offering services that complement your product, and even help you penetrate new markets. (Want to know more? Take a deeper dive by reading our blog ‘Dear SaaS companies, your partner program is more than just another revenue stream’.)

One of the hallmarks of a great partner program is a mutually beneficial partnership that sees both you and your resellers growing alongside one another.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with three ways you can help your partners hit their sales targets, month after month.

1. Create a powerful new sales channel for your partners.

Create a powerful sales channel for your partners by building an eCommerce-enabled partner directory on your website, where customers can transact with and buy services directly from your partners. Morphed’s commerce-enabled marketplace infrastructure is set up to help your partners commercialize their services in ready-to-go bundles. Because service bundle listings include all the information potential customers need upfront, prospects are able to self-serve and, should they wish to, make purchase decisions without contacting a sales representative directly. This turns your website into a 24/7 sales powerhouse for your resellers and your own business alike.

2. Simplify communication between partners and end customers.

Communication is key to any good relationship, and the same holds true for the relationship between your end customers and partners. Today, technology plays a huge role in client communication, and choosing the right channel or platform can make or break a customer relationship.

Help your partners communicate with customers in a clear, consistent, and cohesive manner by giving them access to Customer Portal technology. Instead of confusing customers with multiple email threads and phone calls with multiple points of contact, a Customer Portal keeps all client communications in one easy-to-navigate, centralized place.

Morphed’s Customer Portal allows the customer to log into their own app, where they can communicate directly with your resellers from the first point of contact or RFP, all the way throughout the entire project lifecycle. Customers can even make secure online payments and rate and review work delivered, all within the Customer Portal. 

3. Help partners build recurring revenue with top-selling packages.

Using Morphed’s commerce-enabled marketplace technology to help your partners commercialize their services also allows them to use data to recognize, refine, prioritize, and promote top-selling service packages and offerings.

Morphed’s commerce-enabled marketplace technology provides your partners with a 24/7 sales channel geared towards selling services to the modern buyer.

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