We have built a unique eCommerce for services enabling your prospects to engage and buy from you online, creating a frictionless experience from first-touch to delivery. Here’s how it works:

Enhance The Way You Sell

  • Your customer visits your online store via your Customer Portal which features a catalog of your services. The services are displayed similar to how customers are used to buying products online where all the information is included: deliverables, requirements, timeline considerations and Ts & Cs.

  • OR you can create a digital proposal or update the digital scope of work in your portal and send it directly to your customer who can make payment online when ready.


Manage Communication In One Place


  • Engage with the prospect through one-on-one messaging in order to understand their needs, finalize the scope of work and agree on payment terms.

  • Once the work is delivered, customers can log in to the portal, and mark the project as complete. Your customer can post a review in the portal. Once you verify it, it can go straight to your website at the bottom of your service for prospects to view.

ecommerce for services


Speed Up Revenue With Online Payment & Collection


  • Set up progress payments based on how you’ll deliver your services and instantly collect payments once these milestones are met.

  • With Stripe checkout, send your customer to a payment page to close sales faster.

ecommerce for services

Imagine that – A single source of truth for your customer & your team from first-touch to delivery of the project.

Want to see this eCommerce for services in action? Watch the demo video here. Interested in setting this up for your business? Schedule a call with us.


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