The SaaS partnerships landscape has changed drastically over the past couple of years. For one, there are simply many more providers around. In fact, 77% of partners surveyed by Accenture indicated that they have more choices of providers today than they did three years ago.

Standing out as a tech vendor is increasingly difficult in today’s noisy SaaS environment.

This sentiment is confirmed by the fact that the same survey found that 69% of partners now feel that they have the power to select vendors, rather than vendors having the power to select partners, as was previously the case. The jury is in: the tables have turned.

As a SaaS company, the upshot of this explosion of competing vendors is clear: you need to compete for partner mindshare more than ever before. So, what can you do to make your company stand out in today’s noisy SaaS environment? When SIs, MSPs, and resellers are spoilt for choice, why should they choose to partner with you over another tech vendor?

Differentiate yourself by equipping your SaaS partner ecosystem with a marketplace geared towards selling collaborative tech and service bundles.

At the core of Accenture’s recent research is the insight that winning partner mindshare today requires focusing on three key areas: co-innovation, collaboration, and co-investment. This idea rings true to me, specifically when it comes to ecosystem marketplaces, and I’ll tell you why.

Customers want end-to-end solutions that solve problems holistically.

In today’s competitive tech environment, your customers want holistic, end-to-end solutions that solve real business problems. Our white-labelled marketplace infrastructure is designed around the idea of solving for your customers through your partners. Collaborating and co-innovating with your partners and resellers can be as simple – and as effective – as offering pre-bundled tech and service packages as ready-to-go solutions via a commerce-enabled partner ecosystem marketplace.

Smart marketplace technology allows you to collaborate with your partners to solve for your customers.

By collaborating with your partners and VARs, you’re able to use your combined knowledge and understanding of your customers’ needs, preferences, and buying behavior to pre-package a solution that goes far beyond just your tech. After all, your product doesn’t operate in a vacuum; your customer needs more if they’re going to achieve their business goals. So, your product bundle could include outsourced onboarding and training, tech support, professional services, and even additional tech and apps that enhance the performance of your own product.

From the customer’s point of view, they’re getting real business outcomes with the help of two (or more) providers, but with the simplicity and ease of one smooth, integrated experience taking place through a single Customer Portal. The ability to give users this kind of awesome customer experience and real business success sets you and your partners apart from your competitors.

From your partners’ and resellers’ point of view, you’re offering an ecosystem that drives co-innovation, collaboration, and co-investment – all with a view to attracting, delighting, and retaining customers. This sets you apart from other tech vendors still stuck on more traditional, siloed reseller models.

Our marketplace infrastructure provides a frictionless experience for both partners and customers.

Leveraging the right technology is a critical aspect of providing a frictionless experience for both your partners and customers. Clear, easy communication between partners and vendors allows for streamlined innovation and higher growth potential.

Morphed’s white-labelled marketplace infrastructure is designed specifically for tech companies looking to empower their partner ecosystem by streamlining provider-to-partner collaboration and seamlessly connecting partners to customers.

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