Consumer behaviour is always evolving

Staying relevant and competitive in today’s digitally-powered world requires staying on top of consumer behavior trends and adjusting your selling process to give your customers the experience they expect.

Here’s how your brand needs to evolve to keep up with modern customers:

Keeping up with consumer behavior means offering an outstanding buying experience.

These days, having a great product or service isn’t enough. To earn lasting brand loyalty from modern customers, you also need to provide a stellar buying experience.

For brick and mortar stores, the entire shopping experience needs to be a delight; from walking through the door, to interacting with the point of sale, to the packaging used to bag up goods.

When it comes to online shopping experiences, the same principles apply. The multitude of online shopping options available to customers today mean that your digital buying process needs to be absolutely seamless, intuitive and gratifying. Don’t send a potential customer on a wild goose chase all over your website trying to understand your offering. Remember, the stakes are even higher in the online realm, as a single speed bump can be all it takes to send a prospect off to a competitor’s website.

What if you could enhance the entire experience by enabling them to pay online as your project/retainer milestones are met. This would make it easy for them to compare what was sold, to what was delivered to what needs to be paid. It also stops you, as the service provider, from having to chase payment long after the service was delivered.

Customers today are accustomed to a high level of transparency.

Online shopping – especially in the age of COVID-19 – has become more ubiquitous than ever before. This means that customers have become used to a shopping experience that’s fully transparent. Think about the experience of buying a product from an online shopping giant like Amazon or eBay. Whether you’re buying a kitchen appliance, a piece of furniture, or a childs’ toy, all the information is clearly displayed in the listing. 

Whether you’re selling a product, an experience, or a professional service, it’s important to give customers the online buying experience they’ve come to expect. Ensure that your website equips would-be customers and clients with as much information as possible. Don’t expect them to do the legwork of unearthing the information they need in a protracted back-and-forth with your sales department. Modern consumer behavior has moved past this, and so should you.

Despite being immersed in the digital world, modern customers still appreciate the human touch.

One of the biggest mistakes brands and service providers make today is they forget that their customers are still people, not bots. Build trust and connection with prospective customers and clients by keeping a human aspect front and center at all times.

More than often, the client will deal with a number of individuals during the project life’s cycle which can lead to communication silos.

If you utilize technology to organize this communication in one central place for the customer, this will empower the team with knowledge about the client/project and ensure ultimately contributing to a better experience for the customer.

Modern consumer behavior tells us that convenience is king.

One of the best things about making purchases online – whether for products, experiences, or services – is that it’s highly convenient. Without leaving the couch or their desk, customers can find, research, compare, and purchase whatever they want in a matter of minutes. 

The COVID-19 era has introduced even more convenience into the modern buying experience, with express delivery, curbside pick-up and drop-off, and seamless, touchless purchasing options now becoming prevalent.

The takeaway here is that keeping up with consumer behavior today means making the whole engagement with a client as convenient as possible, from first touch all the way through to payment and delivery. Arm customers with information, guide them through the purchase process, enable them to buy online and utilize technology to manage interactions in one place to make it one seamless experience.

Morphed’s Customer Portal allows customers to log in and engage with you from first touch to delivery of the project. With one central Customer Portal, you can:

  1. Create a digital proposal in your portal and send it directly to your customer who can make payment online when ready.
  2. Engage with the prospect through one-on-one messaging in order to understand their needs, finalize the scope of work and agree on payment terms.
  3. Set up progress payments based on how you’ll deliver your services and instantly collect payments online once these milestones are met.

All of this creates the kind of frictionless digital experience that modern consumers love. 

Interested in finding out how this might work for your business? Schedule a quick demo call with us here. Read about our features of The Customer Portal here or watch this video to see this technology in action.

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