Let’s zoom in on one crucial client interaction for a minute: When your client briefs your service partner on a project and they are required to revert back with a proposal.

Its origins usually begin with a long but puzzling email that then needs to be clarified and explained over a call (when everyone is available to meet, of course). Then, you need to create a proposal detailing the deliverables, Ts & Cs, price, etc – Etch it onto the to-do list. 

Compile a delicate email summarising the request with the proposal/quote attached. (Try as you might to get it signed off – wouldn’t want all that effort & time to be for nothing!)

Agree on payment terms and finally kick off the project.

WOW! What a long and laborious process. In this digital age, you’d expect things to be a little easier and a little faster for your customer and your partners.

Our Submit A Brief feature makes this whole interaction quicker, easier, and just a whole lot smoother.  #customerexperience

Here’s how it works:


  1. Your client logs into their portal and clicks “Submit A Brief“.
  2. Using the digital briefing template they list their requirements (with the option to include files as references), pop in their budget and timeline considerations, and click “submit”.

  1. Your partner will get notified, so they log in to their portal, click on the brief and turn the digital brief into a proposal. All the information they included is there! All they need to do is work on the final touches and confirm the price & payment terms.
    [PRO TIP]: If you have a few unanswered questions relating to the brief, send your customer a message using the conversations box.

  1. Your customer is notified once the proposal has been sent and can view the portal with the message your partner wrote.

  1. When they click “Accept Payment”, they are directed to make a secure Stripe payment.
    [PRO TIP]: Setup automated payments according to milestones of the project/retainer.

And voila! It’s done! 

A process which used to take days (at best) is quick, easy and creates a unique  customer experience.

Here’s a little bonus: All the information about the project: The deliverables, the payment terms, and the back-and-forth discussion about the project, is all there in one central place for your customer and for your team.

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