One of the reasons I love working in the partnerships space so much right now is that it’s an especially exciting time for the industry. As companies across the globe wake up to the power of partnerships, some of the most forward-thinking minds in business today are focusing on the future of ecosystems and partner programs, building newer, better ways of working together and forging innovative paths forward.

One of the best ways to keep abreast of the most interesting ideas and conversations in our industry right now is through listening to quality partnership podcasts. Below, I share my favorites.

Our top five partnership podcasts

Ultimate Guide to Partnering

Hosted by Vince Menzione, the Ultimate Guide to Partnering aims to unlock the business principles, strategies, and best practices of top technology leaders. I especially recommend that you check out this podcast if you’re looking to learn more about insightful marketplace strategies.

Vince’s chat with Rob Spee was particularly insightful and packed full of advice for getting the most out of your partnerships in 2022. (See my write-up about it here.) I also wrote about the episode with Microsoft’s Jake Swenson where Vince and Jake discuss the role of marketplaces in partnerships today.

PartnerUp The Partnerships Podcasts

PartnerUp is hosted by Jared Fuller, and I absolutely love the disruptive topics Fuller brings up around partnerships. He always has a fresh perspective to share and possesses great vision when it comes to the future of ecosystems and partnerships.

If you’re interested in grabbing a glimpse into Fuller’s crystal ball, I can’t recommend Jared’s 7 Partner Predictions (& Pleads) for 2022 enough. (I take a deeper dive into one of his predictions in this post.) Any chat with HubSpot’s Avanish Sahai is worth listening to, and this episode about elevating partner ecosystems to the boardroom is no exception (get the quick summary here).

The Partnered Podcast

Hosted by Adam Michalski, what I appreciate most about this partnership podcast is the topics related to partnerships best practices from a host of industry experts.

Ecosystem Strategy with Nick Valluri is an excellent place to find key insights on creating a digital ecosystem. Another of my favorites is Removing Anti-Partner Culture with Norma Watenpaugh. It’s also worth mentioning that this podcast is sponsored by, the best community for partnership professionals.

Ecosystem Aces

WorkSpan’s Ecosystem Aces podcast covers a range of topics, including strategic alliances, go-to-market strategies, c-suite visibility for alliances, partner joint solutions, and much more.

I’ve previously shared my favorite take-aways from the episode How Partners Help you Handle your Biggest Challenges with Brian Allison.

Channel Journeys

Hosted by Rob Spee, the Channel Journeys partnership podcast is another excellent resource for partnerships strategy and innovative ideas.

Ally Murtlow: How to Manage Explosive Channel Growth was a particularly great episode, which I wrote about here.

Tune in and enjoy!

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