We worked alongside Partnership Leaders to create and launch their – Ecosystem Catalog, featuring Morphed as a vetted organization. The group, focused on supporting the growth of partnerships at technology companies, has launched the catalog to help these companies scale their partner programs with powerful tools and service providers in the industry.

Today, there are more than 200 thoroughly vetted organizations included in the Ecosystem Catalog, including Morphed. All included organizations have been hand-curated to ensure they’ve reached a baseline level of traction in the market.

Partnerships have proven to be a powerful way for organizations of various sizes to grow and better serve their customers. As companies continue to seek optimal investments to grow their partner programs, Morphed and other partner team-serving tools will be powerful resources to leverage. 

Our passion at Morphed is the ability for partners to solve for the customer and is why we created our technology to enable ecosystems. We are delighted to be a part of creating the Partnership Leaders Ecosystem catalogue using our technology.” Graeme Wilson, Morphed- Co-founder & CEO

Everyone will be able to enjoy browsing and working with the companies listed, Partnership Leaders members will enjoy discounts to specific partner software and service providers, such as Morphed. 

The Partnership Leaders Ecosystem Catalog is now live and publicly accessible.

About Morphed

Morphed offers enterprise-grade marketplace technology to SaaS & Technology companies helping to evolve their static directories to an enabled service, integrations, app,  or solutions marketplace/s where customers can engage, collaborate and buy from their partners.

About Partnership Leaders

Partnership Leaders is an exclusive mastermind group where partnership professionals from technology companies go to ask questions, get answers, collaborate with others, attend exclusive events, access resources, and more. Prospective members can apply now for consideration.

Partnership Leaders

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