We’re thrilled to share some incredible news that has been brewing behind the scenes.


We have been hard at work, taking invaluable learnings from creating bespoke enterprise-grade marketplace solutions into the creation of our Turnkey Partner Marketplace solution.


At Morphed, we understand that building a strong partner ecosystem is key to driving innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction. And with a turkey solution, it speeds up time hugely to get your marketplace launched and ready for your partners to use and connect with your customers.


With our Turnkey Partner Marketplace solution, we have taken all of the core features and functionalities from our customized marketplaces beloved by our customers and created a self-serve enterprise-grade marketplace solution enabling you to launch within days.


Key benefits and features:

  1. Self-serve configuration:

    In three easy steps; apply your branding to the front-end template, invite your partners, set up your domain and get ready to publish your marketplace all by yourself.

  2. Multiple partners and solutions under one roof:

    No need to have a separate marketplace for each partner and solution type. Our solution enables you to have all partners and their end-to-end solutions on one platform for your customer to discover and engage with. 


  3. Self-serve partner listings:

    Provides partners with an intuitive and secure portal to create and manage their marketplace listings while you take care of the review and approval process. 


  4. Partner and solution listing approvals:

    Manage partner operations all the way from the first touchpoint. Enable users to apply to become a partner, once approved by you, provide partners with access to their partner portal where they’ll start creating listings for your review and approval. 


Stay tuned for further updates as we ramp things up, but for now, check out more about our full feature set.


Overview demo video


If you’re ready to launch your partner marketplace, don’t wait, get started. You get 7-days free access before billing commences. 


Want to explore our self-serve demo without talking with sales? Request access and we’ll share the details. 


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