In a nutshell, the purpose of a CRM system is to help an organization manage and understand customer data. Being the single source of truth across marketing, sales and service teams, the tracking and reporting of customer data empowers users to improve the customer experience.


So what is Morphed’s Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is a customer-centric tool designed to make it easier for your customers to engage and buy products and services from you. What’s more, the Customer Portal works for hand in glove with traditional CRM systems, allowing you to seamlessly manage your data and delight your customers.

Not 100% sure on the difference? Here’s how a traditional CRM system and Morphed’s Customer Portal size up against each other.

A traditional CRM system is a data-centric single source of truth.

Who uses it?

CRM systems are the purview of sales and marketing teams.

What pain point does it solve?

A CRM system enables your sales and marketing teams to keep track of all customer and sales information.

Use case

Sales and marketing teams use CRM systems to store customer data and track customer interactions. When data is stored in one centralized place, it is easy for all team members to access up-to-date customer data, thereby facilitating organizational alignment and improving internal communication.

CRM systems provide internal teams with a single source of truth that enables various team members, across both marketing and sales departments, to move prospects from leads to customers. However, despite facilitating internal organizational alignment, CRM systems don’t necessarily change the customer experience.

CRM system or not, customers often find themselves engaging with various points of contact throughout the relationship; from the sales team, to the delivery team, to the accounts department. Even more confusing, different contacts sometimes use different communication channels. The customer experience threatens to become a disjointed morass of email threads, phone calls, and text messages.

Morphed owns a Customer Portal that functions as a Customer Experience Management solution.

Who uses it?

Your customers and your partners.

What pain point does it solve?

Our B2B Marketplace technology comes with a curated Customer Portal that works as a centralized portal where your customers can purchase from you, track the project and payment status & make payments. It’s a central place where they can engage with you during the project’s lifecycle.

Use case

The Customer Portal is a centralized tool that allows you to coherently engage with prospects and customers, while also removing the friction from the selling process, making milestone payments, and leaving  reviews.

Most business software is internally focused to create efficiencies, manage productivity, and report on performance. Even in the undeniable ‘Age of the Customer’, few software products focus on giving customers the tools to manage their journey with their provider. That’s where Morphed fits in.

Morphed’s B2B marketplace technology works hand in glove with CRMs and other internally-focused business software to better manage your customer experience.

We champion your customers by giving them the tools to engage, self-serve, purchase, and rate and review partners (and more!). 

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