service packages

Take a service line and turn it into packages
that customers can browse and buy online

Pick a template

To help you get started, our proven process for creating
packaged services we’ve turned into a template. Start with this,

or create your own pack of templates.

Detailed packages and
proposals = greater wins

Add detailed information to set expectations upfront. Add deliverables, list of requirements, detailed solutions, what’s not included, Ts & Cs, and more. Remember, The more information

you put down, the better-equipped customers are to

Choose a purchase method

There are two options. A “Buy Now” package which means customers go straight to a checkout page or a “Request Service” package which means you’ll need to chat with your customer to finalize the scope before checkout.

Sales enablement tools

Add a video, chatbot, FAQs and more to your service packages
to help give your customers answers to possible questions they need when you’re not online.

Save time and grow your revenue
while delighting your customer.