Intelligent and timely cross-selling and upselling doesn’t just increase your company’s revenue by growing client accounts, it also boosts your customer success metrics. Guiding your customers to purchase relevant additional tools and services increases their ability to achieve their business goals. Customers who achieve their goals quickly turn into happy, loyal brand advocates. That’s customer success!

Cross-selling and upselling can be tricky, however. Customers are wise to old school sales tactics and can sniff out a scripted pitch a mile off. Largely, timing is of the essence, as well as a knack for a natural, personalized delivery. For example, attempting to cross-sell too early on in the customer relationship risks scaring a new prospect off before they’ve had a chance to properly try out your product. However, recognizing – and acting on – an opportunity to cross-sell to an established client when they mention a new pain point is much more likely to see you striking gold.

Ready to grow your client accounts? Here are four sure-fire tips for boosting customer success through upselling and cross-selling.

1. Use real-life success stories to show your product’s value.

Remember, it’s easier to sell value than it is to sell benefits and features. As such, customer case studies are a powerful way to demonstrate the true value of an additional tool or service. Seeing how another business has benefited from using a product – especially in black and white metrics – can help convince an unsure customer that it’s worth grabbing that same value for their own business. Other forms of social proof, including customer reviews and testimonials, can likewise provide a helpful nudge.

2. Don’t overwhelm your customer with too many choices.

As Daniel Threlfall points out in this article, it’s a good idea to keep your offerings simple when upselling or cross-selling. While it might seem like a good idea to show off a wide range of impressive tools and services, in reality, offering too many options can leave your customer with decision-making anxiety.

What’s more, suggesting too many different options could send the message that you yourself aren’t 100% convinced that any single tool or service is the perfect fit for your customer’s particular needs.

Instead, offer customers no more than three additional tools or services. Doing the decision-making footwork for your customer in this way makes it much easier for them to commit to a purchase with confidence.

3. Follow up on successful sales.

In his article, Threlfall also recommends following up on every successful cross- or upsell. One benefit of this is the opportunity to review and fine-tune your own work. Has your suggestion actually paid off for the customer? Did you recommend the right tool? Does the customer intend to continue using the tool or service? Use your findings to improve your future offerings. 

Another benefit of following up with a customer after a sale is the chance to improve your relationship. Showing genuine interest in how they’re getting on shows them that you’re truly invested in their success and keeps you in tune with their progress. The ability to build and nurture strong client relationships is essential to boosting customer success. A simple ‘Thank You’ goes a long way, too.

4. Use technology to make buying additional services and products quick and easy.

Whether it’s a first-time purchase or a second or third purchase six months into the customer relationship, buying products and services from you should be a smooth and easy process for your customers. Using the right technology is a key element of delivering a frictionless and delightful buying experience.

What if your customers could buy your services online as easily as they buy other products online? Technology like the Morphed Customer Portal makes cross-selling and upselling even easier by allowing your customers to browse and request ready-to-go service packages from within their own customer-centric app. Product and service package listings include all the details a new or returning customer needs, including pricing, timelines, deliverables, demo videos, customer case studies and reviews, and more. Customers can submit a brief in seconds with the help of a digital template, accept digital proposals, and make secure online payments – all within the Customer Portal app.

Curious to find out how the Morphed Customer Portal makes buying services online easier than ever? Watch this video to see The Customer Portal in action.

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