If you work as a salesperson in any services industry, you might be thinking about how to sell your services online straight from your own website. With the ever-changing digital world, and the competition getting tougher every time, how can you stand out? 

Our experience of founding and running On The Bench, an online marketing marketplace, has proven that selling productized services outside of selling time, can actually work. 

Packaging services into project-based solutions provide your prospects and customers full transparency into what you’re offering. This is because, the cost, projected timelines, examples of work, and Terms & Conditions helped us to speed up many processes.

sell professional services online

If you sell your services online, we recommend trying some pre packaged options for the following reasons:

1. Allows you to engage with serious prospects

Imagine dealing with an educated prospect that has a need and has matched this to your packaged offering. In some cases, they’ve done their due diligence and made a decision that their need and budget fit what you’re offering. When this prospect purchases your service or inquires about it, you know they’re super qualified and ready to get started.

2. Delivers a frictionless experience for your customers

For returning customers, how amazing wouldn’t it be for them to self-serve and instantly purchase new services from you, without having to go through the traditional sales cycle? Imagine they can either purchase a pre-package service or request a custom quote based on their needs or start an immediate conversation with you without waiting long hours to get an email. (Check this video to see how it works)

Your customer and prospect will be able to make a very informed decision when engaging with you.

We believe now more than ever, services companies can adapt themselves and embrace the drive to digital while enhancing their customer experience.

3. Sell professional services online and get “quick wins”

As an expert in your subject, you might have a clear idea of what type of services your clients hire more from you and what they expect to get in return. Building a pre-packaged option based on this information is a great idea if you are willing to sell quickly packaged services at a lower cost.

If you want to check into other alternatives to speed up your sales process, we suggest you check this post on how Morphed ecommerce marketplace will help you sell services faster and smarter while delivering a frictionless experience to your end customers.

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